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Tyre Law in the UK

Mobile Tyre Services on Billingshurst

At S&N Tyres, we make road safety a vital part of our mobile tyre services in Billingshurst. A damaged, defected our worn tyre jeopardises your own safety and the welfare of your passengers, other road users and pedestrians.

Mobile Tyre Services in Leatherhead

The minimum legal tyre depth in the UK and Europe is 1.6mm with a continuous band on the centre three-quarters of breadth and on the entire outer circumference. You can use our mobile tyre services in Leatherhead to have your tread checked at any time.

Mobile Tyre Services in Epsom

Most tyres have wear indicators consisting of a minimum six ribs positioned at the bottom of the main grooves. When tread surfaces level down to the ribs, you should use our mobile tyre services in Epsom to keep your vehicle legal.

Mobile Tyre Services in Vickfield

We recommend that you purchase a depth gauge to check your tyres regularly. A good tread pattern design provides better grip in wet driving conditions. As a tyre wears, the grip reduces. The amount of water on the road also affects grip. If you have worn tyres, drive slowly in wet conditions until you can use our mobile tyre services in Vickfield for a replacement.