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Choosing the Right Tyre Replacement for Motorists in Horley

With S&N Tyres,you’reonly ever a phone call away from a suitable tyre replacement in the Horley area. It doesn’t even matter ifyou don’t know which tyres you need!Our computer can check which tyres need fitting through your registration plate or your vehicle make and model. Just make the call to S&N and leave the rest to us.

If you prefer to know exactly what’s happening when you use our mobile tyre replacement services,you may already be aware of prefixes on your current tyres. Have you ever wondered what the prefix means and how they help tyre replacement companies such as our own to choose the right product for your car or light commercial vehicle?

Vehicle owners in Horley can read the information below to find out exactly what the numbers and letters in the prefix mean. As an example, we will use 175/65R14 tyres which are typically fitted to models such as the Ford Fiesta.

  • 175 refers to the width of the tyre in millimetres.
  • 65 refers to the profile of the tyre
  • R indicates the tyre construction (R = Radial)
  • 14 refers to the diameter of the wheel rim

You may find that some tyres have an additional digit relating to the load index or the maximum speed rating of the vehicle it will be fitted to.To find out more about the different moulds and treads for each tyre, speak to one of our experienced tyre replacement specialistswho can help clients in Horley decide on the correct tyre choice.

S&N Tyres keep a large stock of different tyres at our depot and this enables us to provideresponsive mobile tyre services throughout Horley and West Sussex without delays.

Replacing Worn Tyres

Most new tyres have 8mm of tread and by law, it is mandatory to have a tyre replacement when the tread goes below 1.6mm. Tread pattern grooves are a vital performance feature onall tyres, particularly in the wet when they disperse water and keep the tyre in complete contact with the road surface.

Road users in Horley should be aware that tyre performance gets worse as the tread eats away and the process quickens up as tyres get closer to the legal limit. Check the tyre regularly and once it gets down to the 3mm mark, give our mobile tyre replacement specialistsa call.

Our mobile tyre services are best arranged at this stage than waiting until your tyres are perilously close to the 1.6mm depth. Our mobile tyre fitters change tyres on a regular basis and mend punctures too. Avoid overinflating tyresas this runs down the tread quicker. Ensuretyre pressures are kept within manufacturer guidelines at all times.

S&N Tyres are here to help with all types of tyre replacement so please contact us immediately if you have any concerns. Our mobile tyre replacement services are available throughout the whole of Horley and West Sussex.